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Santra Merchant B2B Marketplace lets you improve your wholesaler portfolio. With an enterprise profile and product catalogue on our platform, you will surely stand out among your wholesaling competitors and target the same market through different channels.

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Grow Your Business Overseas

Do you want to take your top-quality product to overseas markets? Santra Merchant is here to help you. With our platform, you can sell your goods to businesses and exporters in the large and lucrative UK market. From assessing the product to negotiating the price and finalizing the deal, you can do all of it on our platform.

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Scale Your Operations

without Operational Expansion
You are not required to set up your office in the UK to wholesale your goods there. Just sign up with us and tap into the vast UK market without needing any operational expansion. You won’t just save a lot of money but will also be able to foray into a new, lucrative market quickly.
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Sell On E-Commerce Platforms Worldwide

Sell your products from your resident country all over the world through Amazon and eBay without any hassles because we will drop-ship for you.

Our Services Include

Expanding your foreign trade in the UK market with several services. To leverage our services, you have to become a member of our platform.
Whether you are a buyer or seller, you can create your enterprise profile
This is the most buzzing part of our marketplace, where most business happens.
Apart from setting up your profile, you can also use our platform
You don’t have to get a rented warehouse in the UK to stock and sell your products there. We will drop-ship them for you and save you from a lot of logistical hassle

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“Our Business With Santra Merchant Has Grown Exponentially In The Last Year”
David Jeo
“Great Customer Service, Good Listings And Advertising”
Abhi Joseph
“Our Sales On The Santramerchant Platform Have Grown By 400%”
Pow James
“Santramerchant Made A Compelling Value Proposition And Help Us To Brand Our Product Easilly”
AJC Spices
“ Orders Have Increased Our Total Business Volume”
Jasmin Marrya
“ Has Helped Our Business Grow!”
Jumbo Global
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