Frequently asked questions

Santra Merchant provides your business with an effective way to market its productsin the UK and acquire new buyers from the international market. It offers you an easy and powerful trading platform to create and explore new business opportunities 24x7x365 worldwide.
There are three payment methods – wire/bank transfers, credit cards, and PayPal. All three methods are safe and secure. You can choose whichever looks more accessible and convenient for you.
Yes, you can sell any product on Santra Merchant as long as it is legal as per the UK import guide.
Yes, you can have a contact list for swift correspondence with your trusted business partners on Santra Merchant.

Yes, you can market your products on Amazon, eBay. You can also sell your products to UK-based wholesalersthrough us.

No, our platform is free for buyers. You can procure as many items as you want through Santra Merchant without paying us a single penny.

Yes, you can upload videos to give a better demonstration of your products to potential clients.
Yes, Santra Merchant member wholesalers can book an advertisement spot for their offers to get the best buyers’ response.
There is no limit to the number of buying leads posted by a single member. You can post as many buying offers as you want.

Santra Merchant will fulfill your order for your UK clientele through its top-rate dropshipping services.

You can virtually buy anything from the Santra’s B2B marketplace. However, fabric and food items is the strongest niche on our platform.